My Crypto Journey – June 2018

June 1, 2018 | My Crypto Journey update.

We start of June by mining Ether-1 at, Ether-1’s official mining pool!

Mining Ether-1 with the purpose of obtaining 1 of each of the masternodes, the service node which is 5000 Etho and the Masternode which is 15000 Etho.

This should take approximately 100 days, give or take a few days. Hopefully we can get started on rig number 2 this month or purchase some of the Ether-1 out right.

We will be putting in the 220v 20 amp circuit this month so we can handle at least 1 Gh/s of rigs and I am excited about that for sure!

Stay tuned I will update this post as the month progresses!

Update 6-11-2018

We have installed the 220v outlet and installed the new pdu as well as upgraded from the Z270 to the H110 Pro motherboard. We also are now up to our 10th GPU, giving us roughly 300 Mh/s.

Currently we are mining Ether-1 and will be moving back to Akroma as soon as we hit 5000 Ether-1.

We are making this move due to the change in monetary policy for Akroma.

Update 6-14-2018

We were able to turn 910 spare Akroma we had into roughly 4500 Ether-1. A little closer everyday to 15000 Ether-1, the plan was to mine to 5000 but now that we are so close to 15000 may as well finish it out!

Update 6-30-2018

Sold our Akroma holding for Pirl

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