My Crypto Journey – May 2018

I have witnessed 2 coin launches this week: Atheios and Ether-1

Atheios was a great launch very smooth with no issues.

Ether-1…….not so much, seems they didn’t plan well enough and had a few hiccups. Pools where forking the coin, 1 sec block times, no syncing, it was bad. But they are planning a relaunch on 22-May-2018. Ether-1 Discord

So far I have spent most of May mining Akroma and Pirl | My goal for this month is to get back to my pre-selling point for pirl which was 1000 coins. Once I am back to 1000 coins I will be mining Egem for 2 weeks and then Atheios for 2 weeks for the month of June. Probably alternating every 24 to 48 hours between the 2 coins.

I will also be purchasing my 2nd Akroma Masternode, since Akroma is so cheap. The price is great for buyers!

I have been watch Genom as it has applied for exchange listing and I have been sitting on 15000 Genom for months now waiting for either and exchange or for the Masternodes to be released. I have not decided if I will dump yet or not…it is a hard decision.

Dead coins…looks like HotelBytes and Victorium are both dead projects. I can not confirm that 100% but when there is no activity for months from a dev team and no way to contact them, that’s a good sign something is wrong!

I will keep everyone updated on my progress. Look for regular updates!

Happy Mining and remember mine with

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