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What is My Crypto Stats?

One day, not so long ago, in the summer of 2017, a lone crypto enthusiast named Shaggy, was scouring the internet looking for a way to track his crypto portfolio, along with his masternodes, his Proof-of-Stake coins, AND his mining rigs! To his dismay, he could not find a service that offered all those features in one package. So, he built his own! He soon realized, if he needed a service like this, others would too! So, in September 2017, opened its doors to the public. Admittedly, growth was slow the first few months. However, MCS now has well over 2500+ users, with 280+ logging in daily, and it is not even a year old yet! As you can tell, MCS is growing at an incredible rate! Probably because MCS offers a Best-In-Class service, for FREE! If you are a miner, investor, or any other type of crypto enthusiast, MCS is a must have tool for your arsenal! If an MCS user out grows the free version, they can easily upgrade their account to one of two tiers, depending on how much they’ve grown. Users can upgrade using ETH, LTC, STAK, KRED, or KLKS. It is worth mentioning, MCS has a sister company, to which Shaggy is a co-owner. This sister company goes by the name of Titan Crypto. Titan offers a Mining Pool, and a very unique Shared Masternode service. When both services are used in conjunction, the benefits are incredible! They both share a strong community of smart investors, o.g. miners, and down to earth good people always looking to help!

Here are some links to get you started: | Titan Masternode Management
Crypto Currency Portfolio and Miner Monitoring Tool.

Titan Mining is an anonymous mining pool which enables users to mine Alternative Cryptocurrencies such as Straks, Kreds, Chaincoin, ZCoin, and many more!

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