REOSC – What is it and why you should be interested!

REOSC Ecosystem

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Russian based cryptocurrency project REOSC came to be due to the collapse of the EOSC project. REOSC decided to fork the project and active members from the EOSC project helped to grow the community further. This allowed the new team to create a whole new cryptocurrency not based on EOSC but allowed them to carry over the project.

EOSC miner balances transferred to the new REOSC Ecosystem, which is a great boon to all miners involved in the original project.  

Staking and Masternodes

As well as a staking system allowing for greater flexibility with investments. More information on Masternodes can be found here: 2 levels of Masternodes are offered 250,000 and 2,500,000.


REOSC is listed on with a BTC pair

Mining Pools

While there are several mining pools, the one I highly recommend

Mining Profits

Mining as of 3-16-2019 through 3-17-2019 shows a mining reward of just over 11000 coins for 360 Mh/s | Mining started at 11pm EST 3-16-2019 and as of the time of drafting this article 6:13pm 3-17-2019 the current is 11,137 and with a value of $0.0003 per coin gives a result of $3.34 with 5 hours of mining left. If an estimation is made gives an additional 2,930 coins to mine, equaling a total mined coins at 14,067 or approximately $4.22 for 24 hours of mining. Mining was done at  

With such high coin volumes going to miners it is easy to see why this project could be fantastic for miners! Even a slight increase in price could mean large financial gains, which of course is the goal we all look forward to as miners and investors. *THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE INVEST AT YOUR OWN RISK*


More information can be found in the whitepaper:

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