So, I created my own token!

Guess what….You can too, awesome!

Ether-1 has created a simple token generator and it allows anyone to create their very own token ran on the ETHO network.

Its fast and easy to use too.

In this example you would have 100 Tokens. If you wanted 3 decimal places you would input 100000 and you would have 100 Tokens giving you the ability to give out a minimum of 0.001 Tokens. 18 decimal places is general the accepted format, so if you wanted a total supply of 100 Tokens with the ability to divide them into 0.000000000000000001 portions you would select 18 as your decimal places and 100000000000000000000 as your total supply!

Your Tokens are tied to the address you use in ETHOMask and you have to use the following link to view your tokens:

  • Set network to ETHO.
  • Click send Ether & tokens.
  • Access with Metamask
  • Approve in Metamask
  • Then look on the right hand side for “Token Balances” – Click add custom token.
  • Fill out the details – click save
  • Then look back at “Amount to Send” the grey button – click it and tokens Symbol will be there.

The token I created is called PistolToken and has a total supply of 85000000.00 PSTL and the contract address is: 0x8ff672b71b0064e45b1ab161e6882fa01ce02fbc

Cash App –$pistol22cal

BTC: 363ssGLCAxbyqaibfnSU6KqjegdBTzRywU

LTC: MHDy8MurFBjrQifiaZkbLHYAvhz65Xdn5b

ETC: 0xA0717fa8AeD650336da9fe41802f428c8f2d5806

ETH: 0x7e99E67385345f5C2B67a06099bE46036288A3FE

XMR: 44TbuBfyBQSVaytyu1jSFRADXxWSKdMjc4uysCEmo56FKhKzt4XqdncA6E9U8AcH7hWFnTPmbvCaf47Hm1mMKxNDUvWU9E1

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