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What is SUQA?

SUQA was launched in September, 2018 with a completely new algorithm known as X22i. It is also the first coin to implement the time-lock deposit.

SUQA is the name of an ancient coin from Nepal that has been used for thousands of years that means ‘to wait'(Time-Lock) in the Somali language.

Some features of SUQA are quantum resistant, fpga and asic resistance, proof of work, and low-inflation coin. To prevent fpga and asic from dominating the network, SUQA is committed to a hard fork every 6 months. It is also one of the fastest cryptocurrency out there. SUQA is 75 times faster than Bitcoin.



Coin name: SUQA

Ticker : SUQA

Algorithm : X22i

Coin Type: POW

Max. supply: 1,078,740,313+10%dev fee

Block Time: 2 minutes

Max Block Size: 16mb

Max tx/s: 533 tx/s

Difficulty Retarget Algo: DarkGravityV3

RPC port: 20971

P2P port: 20970

Ico: No

Pre-Mine: No

Masternode: No

Pre-Sale: No

Dev-Fee: 9.09%

Genesis: 26 September, 2018


Block rewards

1 to 22,000: 10,000  = 220,000,000

22,001 to  50,000: 5,000  = 139,995,000

50,001 to 100,000: 2.500 =124,997,500

100,001 to 200,000: 1.250 = 124,998,750

200,001 to  400.000: 625= 124,999,375

400,001 to 1,500,000: 312,5=343,749,688

TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,078,740,313  plus 9.09%

for founders fee will be mined in 5.78 years.


MAX TOTAL : 1,186,614,344 SUQA


Time-Lock Interest System:

Time-Locked Interest encourages users to hold SQUA for an extended period of time. Early adapters/investors get 25% annual percentage rate for the first 3 months. After that Investors earn from their term deposits up to 5 % annual percentage rate when time-locked up to 4 weeks.



How the Interest System Really Work?

In SUQA you generate interest when you move coins from one address to another based on how long (block-wise) it sat in the first address. The blockchain generates the interest. The reason you see the interest in the wallet is because SUQA added the calculation that will happen when you moved them. This enables the users to know how much they can move so they can watch it grow without having to move it every block.

Where are the Interest Coming From?

When a block is mined, all the nodes agree to give the miner some coins; the same way interest is due, the network automatically performs these calculations. They are generated like the miner reward or in the case of a PoS coin, the stake reward.

X22i Algorithm

X22i is a brand new quantum resistant hashing algorithm. It is one of the most power efficient hash algorithms. “I” stands for the 22 algorithms intelligence. X22i has a longer algorithm chain: 22 algorithms create the need for a lot of chip space to implement the whole chain, very cost un-effective for FPGAS and ASICS.


The community plays an important role in the success of a cryptocurrency. SUQA has one of the most active discord channels. It also has a strong presence on other social media platform like Telegram. SUQA materials have also been translated to multiple languages: Chinese, Russian and Turkish to increase its international exposure. Join our discord group!




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Author: djsoyboi

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