What is Denarius (DNR)?

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What is Denarius (DNR)?








Denarius (DNR) was launched on June 14th 2017 with a completely new algorithm that has been named Tribus. Denarius is a hybrid PoW, PoS, masternode coin. The advantage of a hybrid model

  • To prevent a 51% attack that have happened to Verge, Bitcoin Gold and etc.
  • Reward both small and big coin holder

Three years after its launch it will transition into a PoS coin. It has a small capped supply of 10 million. The main focus of Denarius are speed and privacy. Some of the privacy features that denarius have are stealth addresses, encrypted messaging, multi-signature transactions and addresses, its pioneer protocol proof of data for time stamping images/data on chain, Cross Chain Atomic Swapping using UTXOs (BIP65), network monitoring and tor integration. It is believed that i2p support will be added in the future release and with confirm plan on implementing Ring Signature. The masternode requires 5,000 DNR as collateral.

Technical Spec:

Max Supply: 10,000,000 DNR

Coin Type: PoW / PoS / Masternodes

Block Time: 30 Seconds

Block Size: 1 MB

Number of Transactions: 147 TPS

Masternode Collateral: 5000 DNR

Current Block Reward: Masternodes taking 33% reward from PoW / PoS rewards

Minimum Stake age: 8 Hours

10 Confirmations for full confirm

30 Confirmations to mature blocks


Denarius team

Denarius is created by Carsen Klock. He is 25 years old. He has been around the crypto scene since 2013. He worked as the Lead Front-End developer for Gawminer. After the collapse of Gawminer, Carsen worked a couple year in Apple Inc. Upon seeing the suffering and the enslavement of the people, he realizes that a fair cryptocurrency project is needed hence the birth of the Denarius project.

Carsen also worked as Dash coder.

Enkayz is the second developer that joins the denarius team. He is also the owner of hashbag.cc mining pool. He is unable to be reached for an interview during the time of the article.

Marketing and Community Engagement Team




I Can Haz Crypto is denarius graphic designer and media producer



The community plays a key role in the success of a cryptocurrency. Denarius has one of the most active discord channels out there. It also has a strong presence on other social media platform like twitter. For example, a denarius tip bot and denarius price ticker on twitter.


Denarius has also sponsored events such as Bring The Heat 2

It also hosted a number of meme contests. The official denarius avatar is Denario created by Emma.

It is later drawn by Sam Green (@samgreenmedia) the legendary animator

Denarius also hosted one of the first cryptocurrency theme rap battle. One of the most prominent rappers attended is Djsoyboi.

Success Story

Despite Denarius relatively young age (1.2 years ago), it has already reached 10 million market cap and is constantly ranked 700. In addition, it is listed on 7 major exchanges and 1 decentralized exchange BarterDEX.


It is also supported by Coinomi and Agama. The coin is so revolutionary that there are many forks of it. There are even books written about it with the most notable example Denarius – A New World Currency by Christopher P Thompson. As a result of DNR success, there are also many merchandise out there such as

Denarius has also been featured on Dash Force news.



Recently, John McAfree has endorsed the Denarius project












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