Why I invested in Ether-1


Why I invested in Ether-1

First things first, this is not a paid review. If that changes, I’ll let you know!

I credit the following Twitter user for his great content! Goose-Tech

Goose made a great video on Ether-1 and displayed the high quality performance of the EthoFS network at the same time.


Original Video – ethoFS video link

Youtube – https://youtu.be/xFLAmYIDZfg

Just awesome!

Low Barrier of Entry

It only takes 5000 Etho to create a Servicenode for Etho, this is the first level of nodes Ether-1 offers of 2 current node systems. Gatewaynodes are planned and will require 30000 Etho, currently a Masternode costs 15000 Etho. This gives Ether-1 a nice range of investment opportunities. Ofcourse you can also mine Ether-1 as well.

Hands Down the Easiest Node Setup

It doesn’t get any easier than Ether-1 Node Setup Guide

Fantastic Team of Real People

MARIO PRICE – CoachCryptos
SUI XIAOJIN – cslover

Value and Return On Investment

As of the date of this article the current cost per Etho is $0.026869 USD

Servicenode cost = $134.345

Masternode = $403.035

Gatewaynode = $806.07 *not released yet – still in development – this could change

Current 30 day ROI for a Masternode is 4.19% | Roughly 2 year ROI based on coin return, however dollar value is expected to increase and would thereby increase ROI in terms of FIAT. Which is ofcourse the goal of any node owner.

To me the greatest value comes in the fact that Ether-1 is not an ICO, No Pre-mine, and No Pre-sale. A low Dev fee of 1 coin per block is very attractive as well as a miner!

Content, Content, Content 

EthoFS: “Immutability, zero censorship and attack/DDoS resistance are just a few of the benefits. Hosting a website or application via a decentralized solution closes most attack vectors and makes if far too expensive for any nefarious actor to attempt attacking a decentralized website or service. This alleviates one of the major problems/costs companies have to deal with today while using a normal centralized hosting service. Several governments and large corporate entities choose to filter and/or censor the content you are able to see. A decentralized delivery of this content could allow for uncensored and freer flowing information.”

When content is uploaded to the EthoFS network that content is stored by the various nodes and a fee from uploaders is shared among node owners. This gives node owners 2 forms of revenue earning opportunity, no details are out yet about the exact value and distribution of these fees.


Useful Links

Whitepaper – https://ether1.org/ETHOWhitePaper_1_02.pdf

Website – https://ether1.org/

Wallet – https://wallet.ether1.org/

Discord – https://discord.gg/HtDQFuR






https://ether1.org/ETHOWhitePaper_1_02.pdf page 7 section 2


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